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Roller chains are produced according to ČSN 02 3301, their dimensions corresponding to ČSN 02 3315 and ČSN 02 3311 and the related standard versions. Depending on the type, the chains are manufactured in due compliance with DIN 8187, DIN 8188 or DIN 8181. Apart from the standard variety of chains, our manufacturing programme also caters to non- standard roller chains produced according to our internal documentation.

A roller chain is formed by the connection of inner and outer links. The mutual mobility of the neighbouring links is made possible by the revolving installation of the pin of the outer link in the bush of the inner link. Fitted in each bush is a revolving roller, which reduces friction upon approaching the chain wheel. That is why this type of chain is suitable for application in higher peripheral velocities. Transmission of higher outputs requires duplex or triplex chains.

Chains usually have the same number of inner and outer links, the total number of links thus being even. To facilitate assembly, usually one outer link is replaced by a connecting link. If a chain with an odd number of links is required, an offset link is used, which allows for transition from the inner to the outer link. The use of the offset link, however, results in reduction of the static strength of the chain by up to 30%.

The roller chain provides a wide range of application at continuous operation. The advantage of roller chain is high efficiency of power transmission, operating safety, minimal deterioration of sprockets and high peripheral velocity of the chain.

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