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Gall‘s chains

Gall chains are manufactured according to ČSN 02 3330 and DIN 8150.We also offer non-standard chains produced according to our internal documentation.

As for the construction, these chains are fabricated from a row of pins whose stepped ends carry revolving plates. The pin ends are riveted. A connecting pin is used for linking the two chain ends. The connecting pin consists of a non-stepped pin, an expanding roller and cotters.

Larger chains have washers placed under the cotters. Gall chains are mostly used as load bearing chains and also for slow transmission of large traction power at a maximum speed of 0.3 m/sec.

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Download our catalogue MORAVIAN CHAINS in PDF format.

In the catalogue you will find Roller chains, Conveyor chains, Bush chains, Gall's chains, Leaf chains, Agricultural chains and other chains.

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