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Gall chains DIN 8150 in stock!
25.8.2017 09:42:56

Wide range of Gall chain DIN 8150 in stock. more

Bush chains DIN 8164 in stock!
25.8.2017 09:41:20

We have expanded our stock of bush chains. more

Toothed Roller Chain 16B1 in our Stock
11.6.2012 08:15:27

Due to increased interest and demand, we also have the toothed-roller chains as part of our regular warehouse inventory. These chains are predominantly destined for the wood processing industry. more

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U Ambulatoria, 772 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic
Phone: 00420 585 359 039
Fax: 00420 585 359 040

Why choose our chains?

6 reasons why choose our chains

  1. tradition and quality since 1929
  2. wide assortment of chains in stock
  3. fast deliveries of chains from our warehouse
  4. advantageous ratio quality/price
  5. technical consultancy
  6. friendly and fair approach

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