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Czech Republic
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Gall chains DIN 8150 in stock!

25.8.2017 09:42:56

Wide range of Gall chain DIN 8150 in stock.

Bush chains DIN 8164 in stock!

25.8.2017 09:41:20

We have expanded our stock of bush chains.

Toothed Roller Chain 16B1 in our Stock

11.6.2012 08:15:27

Due to increased interest and demand, we also have the toothed-roller chains as part of our regular warehouse inventory. These chains are predominantly destined for the wood processing industry.

Special Gall Chain

27.9.2011 18:23:07

As an example, we delivered a special heat-treated Gall chain of 129.5 mm pitch with a break-load capacity of 3 500 kN to the metallurgy industry.

Improved quality of Gall Chains

13.8.2009 15:26:16

Gall chains are delivered mostly in hardened finish thereby affording increased tensile strength and enhanced operating life to the chain. All Gall chains for lifts are now delivered as hardened.

Bush and Gall Chains

13.8.2009 08:27:34

Bush chains (DIN 8164) and Gall chains (DIN 8150) are maintained as warehouse stock and therefore, can be delivered immediately upon request. These chains are offered in standard commercial length of 5 m; specific and tailored lengths pursuant to customer needs can be delivered where requested.

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