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Gall chains DIN 8150 in stock!
25.8.2017 09:42:56

Wide range of Gall chain DIN 8150 in stock. more

Bush chains DIN 8164 in stock!
25.8.2017 09:41:20

We have expanded our stock of bush chains. more

Toothed Roller Chain 16B1 in our Stock
11.6.2012 08:15:27

Due to increased interest and demand, we also have the toothed-roller chains as part of our regular warehouse inventory. These chains are predominantly destined for the wood processing industry. more

Fast Contact

KD TRANSPORT, spol. s r.o.
U Ambulatoria, 772 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic
Phone: 00420 585 359 039
Fax: 00420 585 359 040

How to identify your current chain?

  1. Measure the most important dimensions of the chain:
    • chain pitch ( dimension p)
    • inner width of the chain, i.e. distance between inner plates of the chain ( dimension b1)
    • roller diameter, eventually bush or only pin diameter (if the chain has neither rollers nor bushes).
  2. For a better identification of the chain please measure the approximate pin diameter (this dimension is approximate because of riveting or flattening of the pin), pin length, pin height, plate height and inner and outer plate thickness.
  3. If the chain has attachments, please indentify the distance between individual attachments (after what link the attachment repeats).
  4. Please contact the personnel of the Sales Department who will identify your chain and submit a quotation.
  5. Please do not overlook our special offers for various chain types and please print a discount voucher. The discount will be applied toyour order. The discounts cannot be added and can be applied more than once within the duration period of the special offer.

How to identify your current chain

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